Amalgamated Sugar

My parents grew up near Preston, Idaho and growing up we regularly made trips back to visit my grandparents.  I have many fond memories of visiting rural southern Idaho, one of which is this particular landmark.  This factory was once operated by the Amalgamated Sugar Company in the tiny community of Whitney.  My mother’s parents’ home looked directly at it and my father’s grandfather worked there running the boiler.  It has been abandoned for decades.


I’m fascinated with urban exploration photography (“urbex”), but seldom find the opportunity (or the courage!) to go exploring derelict structures.  When we traveled to the region this Summer for my sister’s wedding, I knew I had to try it out here.


I can only imagine what this factory must have been like when it was in full operation a half-century ago.


This was one of my favorite shots.  After a bit of poking around, I discovered a small opening at the base of the smokestack.  It was a bit awe-inspiring to stare upwards through the giant tube.  The circle of daylight seemed impossibly far in this defunct edifice of industry-come-and-gone.


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