Christmas Decor

Christmas brings light and joy to a dreary wintertime in ways innumerable. Beautiful decorations inspire our hearts to remember what makes Christmas special to each of us. My family likes to travel town and look at the beautiful light displays. Last year we found a house with an elaborate light show synced up to an eclectic mix of Tran-Siberian Orchestra, dub step, and more.  This year we went to the Winter Wonderland display put on by the city of Caldwell.Image

We enjoy decorating our own home as well.  My wife began collecting a series of ornaments the first year we were married which will eventually include an ornament for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas.


I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and that all of the beautiful lights and decorations you see remind you of what the season means to you personally.

If you ever find yourself in the Salt Lake City area during Christmastime, I highly recommend visiting Temple Square and experiencing the world-famous lights and nativity scenes they display there.


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