DIY Product Lighting

As an amateur, I’m not able to invest as much into photo equipment as I would like. I have to space out major purchases (lenses, flashes, etc.) between Christmases, birthdays, tax refunds and the like. Even then, sometimes there are other things that I simply need more urgently. This is where inexpensive do-it-yourself methods come in handy.


Perhaps the most doable and effective category of DIY photography equipment is lighting modification. I have a long list of light modification projects I want to try. The pictures in today’s post are the product of a DIY light tent.


Light tents are used extensively for product photography. I’m sure you can think of plenty of catalogs or websites where you’ve seen this particular look. I built my light tent out of a cardboard box and a few sheets of paper. Not terribly elegant, but it was easy and virtually free. You can find detailed instructions on how to build your own on Strobist.





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