Bogus Basin: Escaping the Inversion

My wife and I were talking today about the dismal weather we’ve been having lately. The Treasure Valley has been enveloped in a gray and gloomy inversion for a couple of weeks now, and my wife (being an Arizona girl at heart) desperately misses the sun. I commented that we would probably have to go to the mountains to see the sun, and she quickly responded, “Can we?” Soon we found ourselves on the road to Bogus Basin, a popular destination for Boise-area skiers.


The fog got worse before it got better as we ascended, and we feared that we might get all the way to Bogus without seeing any sun.


But then we saw the light seeping through the haze. Finally we found ourselves above the heavy blanket of fog.


We instantly felt a boost in our mood. We saw numerous folks who, like us, weren’t in the mountains to ski, but to soak up what vitamin D they could get. We saw a couple of ladies sitting in lawn chairs reading books. Further up the road a gentleman was sitting on the tailgate of his truck reading the newspaper.

It amazed me how the fog below resembled the ocean. It went on for miles and miles. Here and there I noticed the tips of nearby hills peeking out of the clouds, like little islands.

I’m so glad that we decided to be spontaneous today and travel up to the mountains. I think we got the recharge we needed until the inversion clears and we see the sun on the valley floor once again.



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