Guffey Bridge

Guffey Bridge, south of Melba, Idaho, is a hidden gem in Canyon County that I’m so happy to have discovered.


The bridge was originally built for the purpose of hauling ore from the mining (now ghost) town, Silver City; however, no train ever actually transported ore, but for a time the tracks were used to transport livestock and agricultural goods.


The bridge was abandoned in 1947 and in the 1970s was set to be demolished, but luckily was saved and subsequently restored in the late 1980s. Today it serves as a lovely walking path from the nearby Celebration Park to Guffey Butte, which I hiked for a bit, but gave up on due to the rainy conditions of the day. I plan to hike it again on a nicer day and get a good look at the interesting rock formations there.



More historical information about the railroad and bridge here.


2 thoughts on “Guffey Bridge

  1. I think the second picture in this post is my favorite. Very visually stimulating. Do you research places before you go out and find them or do you just drive away looking for unique places to photograph.

    • I research to find many of them, like this one, but others I do discover by word of mouth, or simply driving by in the course of my usual activities. I make it a point to always bring my camera with me when I think I may see something interesting.

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