The Color Run

My wife ran in the Color Run, which deems itself “The Happiest 5k on the Planet.”  It is not a race in the strict sense because there are no awards given and no times recorded.  If ever there was a prime example of a “fun run” this is it.  Runners are doused in various colors at stations throughout the course.  After the finish line, participants can attend a dance party where they become even more saturated. 


The whole scene seems pretty solidly inspired by the Hindu Holi, or Festival of Colors.  While the race certainly has no religious or spiritual ties, it does seem to celebrate life, humanity, and fun while also contributing to the community.  This year’s 5k sponsored the Girl Scouts of America.

As you could imagine, there was an awful lot of powder in the air.  Some came prepared…


…some did not.


It was surprising to me just how much color my daughter and I absorbed as innocent bystanders.


I don’t know if The Color Run is really the happiest 5k on the planet, but they certainly do make a good case.


IMG_9444 IMG_9452


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